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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Days 17 & 18 - At Sea

Our cruise is almost finished.  Tomorrow morning (Thursday USA time) at 9.00am we will disembark the Norwegian Dawn.  These last two days have been magnificent.  The seas have been ever so smooth with barely a ripple as we have passed by the islands of Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba.
Calm waters through the Bahamas

Clouds over Jamaica

The last two days we have been:
......Eating some healthy food,
Best Ceasar Salad I have ever eaten in the Italian Restaurant - La Cuccina

........And not so healthy


........doing our 5 laps around the promenade deck
........enjoying listening to the music poolside at lunch

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-------having massage treatments on the troublesome shoulder
------eating meals in our favorite restaurants - the Brazilian Churrissico and the Italian Restaurant
------taking an afternoon siesta
-------drinking more than we should - water that is :-)
Pisco Sours

-------sun worshipping
.........watching the full moon rising

--------reading the most books that I have ever read on holidays.  I loved "A fraction of the Whole" by        Steve Toltz (his first novel)
........making a few duty free purchases
And just generally having a lovely relaxing holiday.  New Orleans here we come, refreshed and invigorated!

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