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Friday, 7 October 2016

Day 4 - Norwegian Pearl

Our boarding time for the Norwegian Dawn was 10.30am so we ordered a car to pick us up from the hotel at 10am.  The car was right on time and we commented on how clean the car was compared to the taxi that we caught from LAX to our hotel!  The driver was a book of information and chatted all the way to the World Cruise Centre at San Pedro.  His number one topic was the elections and as he was Hispanic he, rightly so, hoped that Donald Trump was not elected as President.  As we can’t, and shouldn’t have an opinion on another countries election (even thought we agreed with him)  we let him talk until we could politely change the subject to other matters.  This included gun control (he was in favour of), Obama Care and minimum wages of Americans (having to rely on tips to make up their very low wages). After listening to him we were once again very happy to be Australian citizens.
Panorama of the viewfrom our Suite

We were one of two ships departing this port

Once we arrived at the Port we were ushered into a giant hall for processing.  This did not take long and we were then directed to a lounge area where there was food and beverages for us to consume while we waited.  After the welcome talk by our Conceirge we were onboard by noon and directed to Cagneys Restaurant for our lunch.
Lunch was lovely but the service was not and when we finally received our meals they were not what we had ordered!  This was quickly rectified and we put it down to first day at sea and probably the first day for some of the staff.
After lunch we made our way back to our cabin to wait for the arrival of our luggage. 

Main Bathroom

Living Area leading to balcony

Living area looking back to the entrance

As we entered our room – the Emerald Penthouse Suite - we commented that this was probably the largest suite of the four NCL cruises that we had done.  We love the two showers , toilets and dressing rooms! We sat back and enjoyed our complimentary champagne and watched from our balcony as the hundreds of pallets of food, beverage and luggage was loaded on board.  This takes an enormous amount of skill as there were forklifts heading every direction!
When our luggage arrived we quickly unpacked, showered, changed and went upstairs to watch the ship depart the dock.  By this time it was 6.00pm and as we watched the sun slowly sink we said goodbye to Los Angeles.

The traditional "Leaving Port Party" poolside

Goodbye San Pedro

Goodbye again!

We had a very light dinner tonight after our very large lunch and we made our way to the Stardust Lounge for the evening show that we both said was very lacklustre.  We certainly hope that it improves tomorrow evening!

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