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Monday, 24 October 2016

Day 21 - New Orleans

Something we learnt today.  New Orleans is pronounced "New Orrrlins" and not "New Or-leans"!

We have really been sleeping in since we arrived in New Orleans.  Breakfast again this morning was not until 10.00am so we make it a brunch that sees us almost through the whole day.  We ate at Creole Kitchen on Canal Street and not far from where we meet the Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus.  It's a gorgeous old building (the oldest on Canal Street) that has been carefully restored to restaurant standard.  The meal was delicious (and large!).  We started off with Bloody Mary's,  followed by egg dishes.

The Creole Kitchen Restaurant.

 After breakfast it was back on the bus.  We wanted to have a good look at Mercedes Benz Stadium the home of the New Orleans Saints (football).  The stadium holds more than 70,000 people and it is huge!  It is built out of copper and to see it lit at night would be incredible.  It took us 30 minutes to stroll around the building.  

One of the many statues surrounding the stadium.  This one depicts the Vietnam War

A closer look
After the stadium we made our way back to Jackson Square so that we could take the Mule Ride through the French Quarter.  Our tour guide was great and gave us a lot of interesting information.

Making friends

All aboard

There are all types wandering the French Quarter!

We have seen heaps of these booze buses (or fire engine in this case) that are used as Hens Parties.  This one was for Brittany.  The two boys on the back were just catching a lift!

The oldest building in the French Quarter - now a pub
After the Mule Ride we waited in line to have coffee and donuts at the Cafe Du Monde - a New Orleans "must do".  The donuts did not disappoint.

As we strolled back to our Hotel we passed a display of LP's and record players that are making a come back (who would have thought!).

We settled back in our room for a little while and chatted to our neighbors on the balcony.  We watched as three police cars pulled up in the street below looking for a very annoying drunk who we had also watched from our birds eye view.  They couldn't find him....he's just too cunning.
Our balcony view

Tonight there is a parade for "Pre-Halloween".  Halloween is a huge thing here, as we know, and everywhere we go every building, bar, vehicle and house is decorated to some extent.  The parade went for almost an hour and we thought we had a good vantage point but the crowd is allowed to spill onto the street once the parade starts so our view became blocked entirely.  Anyway we enjoyed the atmosphere.
Can you see the parade because we couldn't!

Heaps of people lined the street for 6 kilometers

After the parade we once more made our way back to our hotel.  One thing we have done since arriving in New Orleans is WALK!  We stopped at a couple of bars when we heard some good music.  We have been become groupies for a Jazz singer called Rooster.  He has a great voice and really belts out some good music.  We also found another band that we liked in another bar.  No shortage of music venues.  Anyway it has been a very long day so sleep is required.  More tomorrow.


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