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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Day 6 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I opened the blind this morning to a glorious day.  From our bed we look through a large window to the passing scene and it’s a lovely way to wake up.
So….what day is it?  Who knows, who cares.  This is why we enjoy cruising.  Everything is done for you.  Meals are prepared, cleaning is done, entertainment is organised, all you have to do is be in the right place at approximately the right time!
We arrived into Carbo San Lucas, Mexico today and dropped anchor right beside another NCL cruise ship.  What a magnificent sight it was from the shoreline and I’m sure the locals thought all their lucky days had come at once to have almost 5000 people drop into their town.
Cabo San Lucas Harbour

We didn't have a tour organised for Carbo and thought we would simply soak up the atmosphere of the place.  We wore bathers under our clothes because we wanted to, at some stage during the day, dip our toes into the Pacific Ocean at Laguna Beach.  A friend had also suggested that we have a beer in the bar owned by one of the Van Halen members.  The bar is called Cabo Wabo.  We did pass by but the line to get into the hotel stretched right around the block!  As it was a very hot day we had no intention of waiting in the sun just for a beer!
Our rickshaw transport to the beach.  We reckon its a hard way to make a dollar

At Laguna Beach we went to the private beach area that had security guards blocking the never ending stream of hawkers selling every touristy thing you could possibly think of.  The hawkers would stand right at the entrance to the private area and try to catch your eye by holding up various items.  Heaven help you if you showed any interest.  It was very intimidating.
Our view from our beach chairs.  Our ship is one of two in the background.

The temperature of the water of the Pacific Ocean was perfect but as it was a very hot day we only stayed in the water for a little while before heading back under the relative cool of our beach umbrella.  We sipped on our cold drinks, White Wine Sangria for me and Corona’s for hubby and then ordered lunch from our very attentive waiter.  The pulled pork tacos were very delicious with just a little spice.  The taco itself was a soft tortilla and just the right size to hold without spilling everything over your lap.
Pulled Pork Tacos

We were surprised that the Corona came with its own bucket of ice and lemon wedges

After lunch we headed back to the ship for a leisurely afternoon.  I napped for a little while but Philip enjoyed being on the top deck and watching the world pass him by. 
The view from the Top Deck looking towards the "Hole in the Rock" at Cabo

We had a small dinner tonight (Chicken Pot Pie for me and Hamburge for Philip) and then made our way to the theatre for tonights show.  The singer had an amazing voice and sang the songs from the Sinatra era – The Swing Era.  He also sang some of Micheal Buble’s songs.  Did you know that Michal Buble started his career as a clown known as Micky Bubbles who used to sing at childrens birthday parties!
It was a lovely relaxing day and tomorrow we stop at Puerto Vallarta.

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