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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Day 9 Huatulco

We came along the dock at Hautulco (pronounced wah-tool-co) at 8.30am but customs wouldn’t clear the ship for disembarking until well after 10.00 am.  We had a tour booked for 10.15 but didn’t actually get to the meeting point until 11.00 am.  Fortunately, everybody was in the same boat and the tour doesn’t leave without you.  

As we made the 10 minute walk to our bus we admired, once again, the very clean area around the port.  There were workers everywhere with their straw brooms sweeping up the smallest amount of rubbish/debris.  Hautulco is not a large place but it has 37 beaches all the way up and down the coast, and everyone of those beaches has a resort built right on the shoreline.  They range from 7 star down to 3 star so whatever your budget you can find a place to stay. 

Our bus took us to the village square with the compulsory cathedral towering over it.  Every church looks the same to me but when I look back at the photos I can see how each one has an outstanding feature.  This one had a lovely ceiling.

We wandered around the square before boarding the bus and driven to the waiting catamaran for a sail up and down the coast.  This part took way too long and you can tell by the look on Philips face what he thought of it.

Back on shore again it was almost 2.00pm and we still hadn’t eaten lunch so we headed to the nearest cantina, right on the beach.  Warning bells should have been ringing about the position of this cantina but we were too hungry to bother.  We ordered margarita’s and food and while we waited for the food to arrive we went for a swim in the very warm pacific ocean waters. 

The water is the most beautiful colour and so very clear.  Little fish swim around between your legs and if there is a heaven, this is it.
Lunch arrived and although it was exactly what we ordered we were grateful for the little bowl of chilli that came with the meal because the food is very bland without it.  I had chicken fajitas and Philip ordered seafood skewers.

As time was nearing for us to be back on board we called for our bill and nearly fell over backwards when it was $70 US, or about $100 AU dollars!  It was daylight robbery but we were in no position to argue and we should have done the sums converting pesos to dollars.
Back on board we were grateful for the air-conditioning.  We live in the tropics so we are quite used to the humidity but it was very warm and humid in Huatulco. 

We had a light snack for dinner and then we made our way downstairs for tonight’s show.  It was a hypnotist who was very mediocre but I guess she had to work with what she had! Tomorrow we visit our last Mexican port and then we are in Guatamela.  Exciting times ahead!

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