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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Day 26 - New Orleans

We are starting to wind down now with just two days left in New Orleans before our very long flight back to Australia.  We thought we would try again to find something open on Frenchman Street but once again everything was closed.  It was 11am and nothing really opened until 5.00 pm so we had a delicious brunch in a lovely little cafe on Frenchman.  After this we decided to walk in another area of the French Quarter that we had not been and believe me there are not many areas left that we have not walked!  The area we walked, the Faubourg Marigny, is lovely and very much like the Garden District that we had visited and few days ago.

 We walked for a couple of hours and finally ended up back on Bourbon Street.  We stopped at a bar where there was some great music and ended up staying there for a couple of hours.  The musician had an piano accordion, an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar.  He rotated them and was fantastic at playing each one. The bars on Bourbon are very small and narrow with soaring ceilings.  You can fit no more than about thirty people inside them and there are dozens of them lining the fourteen blocks of Bourbon Street.
Quite a few talented folks jammed with him and the feeling in this tiny little bar was fantastic.  We got talking to a group of six Canadians that had hired a motorhome and were traveling around the country.  There next stop was Memphis and we were very jealous!
There was a lovely courtyard area adjoining the bar and everything they cooked was on a bbq so we decided to grab a bite to eat before heading back to the hotel.  I had pork ribs and they were lip-smacking good!

Back in our Hotel room we enjoy the show below us on Bourbon but tonight was even better when we had a group of men perform there rap routines.  They were so good but it was very funny when they grabbed some "rich white men" from the audience and tried to teach them to dance.

You also see some sad things on the street.  We watched a husband carry his wife over his shoulder (she was totally out of it) and when she got too heavy he placed her in a doorway, took her bag, and we later saw him come back with the car to collect her.  While he was gone she completely passed out on the footpath. Many walked around her but a group of young girls stopped and helped her up, went and got some water and she thanked them by spewing all over them.
Ahh.  Another day in New Orleans. Here are some street scenes.

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