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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Day 8 - At sea

Today we were at sea and we caught up on a bit of housekeeping i.e hand washing.  The laundry is very expensive on board - $5 US for a pair of knickers. We had a late breakfast, late lunch, a little sun worshipping and a larger amount of exercise after all the eating.  We decided on Asian for dinner tonight but it was uninspiring, or maybe my choice, but we probably won’t go back to that particular restaurant.  After dinner we followed the music to the different lounges.  The music is excellent wherever you go and although we haven’t hit the dance floor yet we certainly tap along in our seats.  We have been watching another couple in probably in their late 60’s who are professional ballroom dancers and boy, do they have the moves.  They are a joy to watch.  In bed by 10pm and actually set the alarm for tomorrow as we are doing our first organised “tour” in Hautalco (pronounced wah-tool-co) and it is an early (for us) start.

Some photos from today.

A little sun worshipping

Aperol Spritz pre dinner

Our uninspiring asian food

Listening to Avalon in the Crystal Atriam

These two singers (unplugged) were amazing to listen to - Spinnaker Lounge

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