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Friday, 28 October 2016

Day 25 - New Orleans

We took it easy today as we both had a little more wine than was necessary last night!  The Audubon Zoo was on our "to do" list so that's what we did. We had breakfast at our favorite place just across the road from our hotel while we listened to the music...

Then we walked the four blocks to catch the St. Charles trolley car (tram) to the zoo.  The trip to the zoo entrance took almost half an hour but we really enjoy the tram ride. We passed by a home that was decorated for Halloween with hundreds of skeletons in their front yard!  It has become a crowd pleaser.

The homes in the Garden District are magnificent and it was explained to us that these homes were built and owned by the rich sugar cane plantation owners almost 200 hundred years ago.  Sugar cane back then was more valuable than oil and the plantation owners used New Orleans as their "play" area when the sugar cane harvest was finished.
When we reached our stop for the Audubon Zoo we were told that there was a shuttle bus to take us to the zoo entrance but we decided to walk the couple of kilometers through the park.  I'm glad we did as the oak lined walk was absolutely lovely. There are houses right along the perimeter of the park and bang smack in the middle is a golf course.  We stopped for a moment to take a photo of an airplane intersection at 20,000 feet!

The zoo was okay as far as zoos go but because it was so large we had trouble finding things.  It is beautifully laid out if you know where you are going but I think you would need a full day to explore it properly.

After a couple of hours of walking around the zoo we decided to head back Downtown to have lunch.  Philip was craving a Pho-Boy but the best we could find via google search was right at the other end of Bourbon Street so we will visit there another day.  Instead we settled again for Hard Rock Cafe.  This time I ordered a pulled pork sandwich with the compulsory onion rings.  It was so delicious but I could only eat about half. 

 Lunch was late.....about 3.00 pm, so we simply headed back to our room for the rest of the day. However we did wander up to the pool area when we arrived back as the cleaner was still cleaning our room.  It's a nice area and I might try and catch a little sun tomorrow.

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