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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Day 22 - New Orleans

My husband had quite a "big one" yesterday and is slightly worse for wear this morning so we are having an easy day today.  On the agenda is a tram ride (trolley car) along St. Charles Street to the Pho Boy Festival at the end of the line.  St. Charles is a very long street, I would guess about 10kms, and it is a very popular ride for tourists.  Because the festival was on, the tram was very packed but all good fun.

New Orleans has 75 festivals a year.  They celebrate anything and the Pho Boy seemed a little strange but we got to taste some delicious Pho Boys.  I forgot to get a photo of a Pho Boy but really all they are is a French Stick filled with any sort of filling you desire.  We tried one filled with spicy sausage, another with chicken but our very favorite was a toasted Pho Boy filled with a most delicious pulled pork filling.  I will try to get a photo over the next couple of days.  We didn't stay too long at the Festival because the street was very crowded and you just had to move with the crowd.....something we don't enjoy!

When we arrived back to the French Quarter we wandered around listening to the street music.  It is Sunday today and the temperature is just right - about 27 degrees so the streets are very busy. I'm sure the muso's make a lot of $$$'s on a day like today.
This band was playing Bluegrass and were very good!

Mum, Dad and Daughter

A lot of people take there dogs for a walk in these "doggie" prams!

A very early night for us.  We were all Pho Boy'd out so no dinner!  Tomorrow we are heading out of town for a Plantation Tour and Airboat ride through the Bayou.

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