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Monday, 17 October 2016

Day 14 - At Sea

I have woken up feeling about 100 percent better than I did yesterday morning so I think I have broken the back of this flu.
I am grateful that today is another day at sea as it gives me a chance to recover completely.  There has been an outbreak of dysentery onboard so the staff are in containment mode.  Every handrail, door handle, step (don’t ask me why the steps!) and surface are disinfected.  All the menus have been changed to “disposable” paper menus and every half hour we are told to wash, wash, wash your hands.  I think it’s just easier to stay in your room!
We skipped breakfast this morning and decided to have a large lunch and small dinner. 
For lunch I started with salmon chowder and should have stopped at that because it was not only delicious but very filling.  However, silly me ordered the beef foccacia as a main.  It was huge.  I should not be surprised as most meals onboard are large.  I could only eat about a third of it and as the waitress took my plate away she said that everybody said that it was too big a meal for one person!  What a waste….
Still not very good at these selfies!

We did our five laps around the promenade deck this afternoon.  We are trying very hard to not gain the kilos but there is food everywhere, and as if we need it, the butler brings a platter of food to our room each afternoon !
Promenade Deck

We went to the early show tonight.  The performer (a South American Gaucho) was excellent but unfortunately he had also been struck down with the flu so after every second sentence he had a coughing fit!  Poor man, but boy, could he play the guitar.  His rendition of Hotel California brought the audience to their feet.

After the show we had a light meal of soup and hot dogs.  Some would say not so small but it was just right. We went to bed early because tomorrow is the transit of the Panama Canal.  We watched a video today about the building of the canal and it is indeed one of the world’s greatest wonders.
I love our bath.  

Our shower also has a full length window.  

Our butler comes in and folds back our bed each evening, leaves a chocolate on the pillow and makes an animal from the towels.  Don't actually know what this is supposed to be!

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