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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Day 5 at Sea

Today was a day at sea.  These are the days we enjoy the most.  It was relaxation by the pool reading a book for me, and the exercise bike for Philip.  We had to put our clocks forward an hour today that threw us  a little because we didn’t sit down for breakfast until 9.30am and they shut the restaurant at 10am! 
The day was not as warm as we would have liked and quite overcast but by the end of the day the sun had come out.
Pre lunch drinks poolside

We enjoyed the bbq lunch poolside and after our lunch had been digested we did a 4km walk around the promenade deck.  We knew that we had to do this walk because tonight is Tepanyaki and from previous experience we know it is a huge meal.
These were delivered to our suite for an afternoon treat.  I had already eaten one before I took the photo!

We had a 7.30pm booking at the Tepanyaki table and as we waited for our chef to arrive we chatted to the people sitting beside us who were from the Hunter Valley.  Surprisingly there are a lot of Aussies on board this cruise. 
We are still acquainting ourselves with the "selfie" and not so good at it!

Our chef arrived and showed us how good he is with knives.  It is quite scary at times when they start throwing those knives in the air!
Our Chef

The meal was delicious albeit huge!  We started off with Wasabi Cocktails, followed by miso soup then came a grilled vegetable side dish alongside Fried rice.  My protein choice was the filet steak and chicken. That is a whole chicken breast and a 250g fillet steak!  I didn't have a hope in hell in getting through all of it. Dessert was green tea cake andgreen tea ice-cream that I was not a huge fan of but I at least tried it.  It was very bitter.
Miso Soup with some sort of bean accompaniment

They called this drink Wasabi Cocktail and it was sooooo delicious!

After dinner we made our way to the Stardust Lounge for the 9.15 pm evening show.  We were late, and the audience let us know so with all that tut tutting. Why do people sit right on the aisle and leave the seats in the middle available so that you have to crawl over everyone’s knees to get to them!  Anyway the show was great but we were once again very pleased to crawl into our beds. 
Part of the show tonight

P.S.  This is my belated birthday present from the man I love......

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