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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Puppy Love

When we were at Caleewa for christmas I spent a lot of time just sitting and watching the puppies that Marco and Suzie's little bitch, Libby (Liberty) had just given birth to.  She gave birth to ten puppies but one didn't make it.  It was stuck in the birth canal and it took an emergency trip to the vet in Cloncurry to deliver the pup (plus four more!) and to save Libby.  Julia Creek to Cloncurry takes almost 1.5 hours in normal conditions but Marco and Suzie encountered severe thunderstorms on the drive west.  Poor Libby must have been grateful to go under anaesthetic to have the last pups delivered.
By the time we arrived for christmas they were almost a week old and just so cute.  They are all (bare one) black and white pure border collies.  Libby is what they call a mauve colour and the father is black and white.  The one little fella that is a different colour will be kept by Marco and Suzie.  They have named him Enzo and he is definitely NOT the runt of the litter!
Because Libby is really quite a small dog and although she gets fed three times a day, she is finding it hard to keep up the milk supply for nine pups so they are being supplemented with a bottle.  They seem to love it.
These pups are for sale if anyone is interested.

The milk bar is open.

Libby taking some time out with Philip.

Bottle feeding is very necessary.

Look at Libby's smile.  She loves her owners

Nap time.  Bottom pup is "Enzo".  He will probably be Libbys colour.

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