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Thursday, 14 January 2016


There is a saying "buy in haste.......regret at leisure".
I am unfortunately a person that does things impulsively.  This also extends to my purchases.  If I want something,  I get it.  I can't see the point in waiting.  Waiting annoys me.  This personality trait is one that I have tried to curtail over the years with varying degrees of success, but I am getting better.  At least now when I want something I do my research before purchasing.
But just before christmas the old impulsiveness took over again and I purchased a cane setting for the verandah.  You see I thought the verandah looked sterile and that it might be nice to have a couple of chairs scattered around. I bought the cane setting it at a little shop in Mossman at a very large Mossman price. I have since seen another one in Cairns for exactly half the price.

I should have know that the calico cushions would be subject to mould ...

and I should have known that it would be difficult to remove said mould.  This is what happened when I washed the cushions.....

.....they completely disintegrated and who would have thought that the cushions would be filled with tiny pieces of foam.  It was such a mess both in the washing machine and outside the machine!
So when I was in the Reject Shop yesterday I came across some cushions that I reckoned might be a good replacement for the cushions that the washing machine had destroyed.  They were just $7 each so no big deal if they didn't fit properly.  Lucky for me I think they look pretty good.  

I left the calico cushions on the two seater chair and topped them with some black and white chair cushions but I had to throw away the calico cushions from the single chairs.  I think the red and black works well though.
"Buy in Haste......regret at Leisure".  I will try to remember this saying Mum.

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