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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Gosh it's hot.....

........and we ain't used to it!  Julatten has an average minimum temperature of 6 degrees in winter and 28 degrees in summer.  Today it is 35 degrees.  I know that folks living in the west would laugh at this temperature when they have to suffer 40 plus degrees day in and day out.  But, it is hot for here.
We had some good soaking ran over the christmas/new year period with over 300mm (12 inches on the old scale) falling into the rain gauge.  And I'm very pleased to report that our properties at Julia Creek received over 200mm (8inches) in the same period.  The country has not had a fall like that in over three years so it just soaked it up like a giant sponge.  Just praying now for follow-up.
This morning we headed off to Tai Chi for what will be the last for quite a few months.  Our instructor and her husband are heading to Tasmania for a holiday.  They travel the "roads less travelled" and intend to take a month to get to Melbourne and then two months travelling around the Apple Isle.  We had a morning tea "break-up" at Tai Chi.  There was so much delicious food that we hardly felt like lunch but I had in mind braised purple cabbage and pork belly so I cooked that up but we didn't sit down for lunch until 1.30pm.  Now we feel like the animal that we ate.....big fat pigs!
Speaking of purple cabbage, did you know that some of the best vegetable that we can eat are coloured purple.  Think beetroot, purple carrots (that I can't source very often) and of course purple cabbage.  Do yourselves a favour and included them in your diet.
This afternoon hubby and I have to pull apart the double bunks in the second  bedroom.  I have sold them and I am going to replace them with twin beds (from the third bedroom) and tomorrow when we deliver the bunks to the new owner we will continue on to Cairns so that we can buy a new queen bed for the third bedroom.  I have had a king bed (two twin beds tied together) in this room and the room is just too small for a king bed.  Of course all this means new bedding.  I love new bedding.  The smell of fresh linen....nothing beats it.
I'll finish up with some photos of our sunset that I took a little while back.  I complain that our sunsets are ordinary but really they can be quite spectacular.

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