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Sunday, 3 January 2016

My new toy.

I am in love.......with my new stick vacuum....
Yes I have joined the modern world and invested in a Bissell Bolt Ion 2-in1 Cordless Vacuum.  Wheeew.  That's a mouthful.
When we built our house nine years ago we installed a ducted vacuum cleaner and it really was one of the best investments we have ever made and I continue to have a love affair with it.  But sadly it died just before christmas.  Actually we don't know if it is really dead or just a faulty lead somewhere but this is the christmas/new year period and getting any sort of electrician is near on impossible. In the meantime,  I  N E E D   A  V A C U U M   C L E A N E R !!!!
Now if you've been shopping a stick vacuum cleaner lately you will know that there are dozens of them on the market.  I used Mr. Google to wade my way through the reviews of most of the vacuum cleaners and STILL I was undecided.  I asked my friends what they thought and 9/10 said that they either have a Dyson or would buy a Dyson.  Dyson.  Me and Mr. Dyson are not the best of buddies.  When I was living at Julia Creek I bought a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner (not a stick and not re-chargeable).  It was when they first came out and EVERYBODY was raving about them.  I obviously got a "Monday" model because it continually played up and eventually I dumped it. So hmmmm, Dyson Stick Vacuum......jury out.
We decided that the best thing to do was visit a few electrical stores in Cairns and test drive a few.  It took us hours.  Some are lighter than others, some have a very long runtime, some a  very, very short  run time. (read Dyson here....sorry Dyson lovers!) Some are cordless, some are not.  Some are bagless, some are not.  And so the story goes.  What eventually sold us on the Bissell was its very long run time.....40 minutes,  its 25 volt Lithium Ion Battery (don't actually know what that means but hubby said its good), and the price.  At $358 it was almost $500 cheaper than its equivalent Dyson and also one of the cheapest on the market.  I also love that it has this great little button for "Edgeclean".  Turn this on and it sucks up everything from not only the front but the sides!
So now you know why I am in love.  This little stick vacuum along with my swifter mop save me endless cleaning hours so they have to be good, right?

The blue lights and the brush on the side indicate that "Edgeclean" is on.

Such an incredible suction and with the multi-surface brush I can go straight from wood floors to carpet!

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