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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A trip to Cairns

It's been six weeks since we had the panel beating done to our car.  Those who read my blog will remember this post back in October.  We had to replace the bonnet of the car after that little incident and then we hit a kangaroo coming home from Cooktown in November.  We were shattered that we've had so much panel beating done to our car that is only over twelve months old! Anyway, I digress.  We had to take the car to Cairns today to have the paint protection re-applied after the panel beating.
When we go to Cairns we ask for a courtesy car because we always seem to have a large list of jobs to do and places to go. We were down in Cairns by 8.00 am so the first thing on the list was.......breakfast!  You need a hearty breakfast when you have jobs to do (says me) and our breakfast today was just the thing.  Philip ordered a big, really big, protein breakfast.  Sausage, steak, bacon, eggs, toast, tomatoes and just to make it extra healthy.....a hash brown. All this for $18!  Such a cheap meal.  I had a lighter breakfast of Ciabatta Toast with avocado and poached eggs.  It was very delicious and at $15, also very cheap.  We must remember this place.
As the car was going to take most of the day we decided that we would take in a movie after we had completed our jobs. I wanted to watch "Star Wars" to see what all the fuss was about but I just couldn't talk Philip into that one so we decided to go and see "Joy".  Jennifer Lawrence plays the part of Joy Mangano........the woman who invented the miracle "twist" mop.  This is a true story and the story should have been a good one but it sadly lacks depth.  There are so many parts of the movie that are unnecessary and yet it seems to cut short on the parts of the story that should be told.  But that is just my opinion.  There are probably heaps of people that would disagree.
Our jobs didn't take as long as I thought.  I even had time for the Reject Shop.  I  love the reject shop. I managed to get most of the things on my list from this place, plus a few more, even a nice set of curtains for the spare room.

I also picked up a mat to go underneath our bar stools because they were starting to mark the polished floors.

But my favourite purchase from the Reject Shop was a little string of fairy lights that I have placed amongst my favourite photographs that sit proudly on my sideboard.

Lunch today was at Coffee Club.  Philip had a nice healthy caesar salad, while I opted for the chicken sliders.  Philip washed his down with an Iced Coffee whilst I chose the Coffee Frappe.  Not a good choice.  It really tasted odd.  I do love the napkins that Coffee Club provide.

Our last place to visit was Dan's to pick up our drink order for Philips 60th birthday party...........Champagne, beer and wine with a bottle of Bundy Rum thrown in for good measure.  Is  it just me or is Dan Murphys not as cheap as it used to be.  I guess this was their marketing strategy.  Get everyone to go there with very cheap prices and then just gradually increase the prices.  It is the same strategy that Coles and Woolworths use.

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