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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Out with the old in with the new.

There has been some home styling going on at our place.  As I mentioned in an earlier post we sold the double bunks from the spare room and today we had to deliver them to their new owner.  We asked if we could bring them to her in one piece and she said that was fine.
These bunks are solid pine and made in Brazil.  No cheap stuff here, and they are heavy.  In hindsight it might have been a lot easier on our backs to take them apart but we pushed and pulled and lifted and dragged those suckers onto the back of the Toyota and I was quite amazed at my strength!
We arrived at our purchasers place at the arranged time of 9.00 am (we said we would deliver) and from the look on the new owners face, I knew she was disappointed.  She thought the bottom bunk was a double bed! Seriously? Does this photo look like the bottom bunk is a double bed?

Anyway, she said she would take them and re-sell.  Fine by us.  She did show me the room that the bunks were going into and I doubt whether a double bed would have fitted into the room.
So after the transaction took place we drove straight to Cairns to purchase a new queen size bed for the third bedroom.  Who would have thought it could be so difficult.  We went to four places before finally finding a bed that was in stock.  Plenty of beds suitable for our requirement were on the floor, but not for sale, and most places said delivery would not be until the end of February!  Apparently they have a big rush on beds before christmas.  Understandable I guess when you are having visitors arrive for the christmas break.
The bed we chose was from Early Settler.  I  L O V E   T H I S   S T O R E!!!! Everything in the store was to our taste and I feel sure we will become regular shoppers here.  It's a shame it took us so long to find it.  A big shout out to the lady at Captain Snooze that mentioned it to us.
The bed we chose was above our budget but as it was floor stock they discounted it heavily for us.  Win!  We also chose a matching bedside table that I fell in love with and were lucky enough to get a good quality mattress that was also on sale.  As they had to pull the bed apart for us to load it they suggested we go and have some lunch while they packed it.  The lady that served us suggested the Botanic Gardens Cafe.  Apparently it had a new chef and was extremely popular.
We had been to this cafe for a meal once before with my mum and aunty.  I think we only had coffee and cake that time.  We checked out the specials board and menu and Philip decided on the Potato and Ham Frittata and I chose the Chicken Ceasar Salad.
Chicken Ceasar Salad

Potato & Ham Frittata

We were very pleasantly surprised with the quality of both meals and devoured them.  We were hungry!  The only negative we have is that it was very hot even though we chose a table under a fan.  The restaurant sits slap bang in the middle of the botanic gardens and is surrounded by rainforest.  Rainforest.........think hot and humid.
After lunch we re-traced our steps back to Early Settler and quickly loaded the furniture.  The staff there were very friendly and helpful and I can recommend this store.
Tomorrow I will do some bedroom styling and post some photos of the results.

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