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Monday, 11 January 2016

A walk around the garden.

After all the rain we have had recently everything is growing twice as fast and it is almost a full time job pruning and weeding.
The latest addition to the garden is this feature that we brought back from Julia Creek.  It sits proudly in the middle of the pergola.

When I look at this photo it is hard to imagine that there was nothing growing in this area when we first moved here.  Now the pond and palm garden are a living testament to what can be achieved in just a few years.

I spend quite a bit of time sitting by the pond and just watching the goldfish.  I find them very relaxing and calming.

Pinks and mauves are the predominant colours in the garden.  Just love them.

The three magnolia trees bloom almost year round.  I love not only the flowers but the lovely bronze colour on the underneath of the leaves.

An oldie but still a favourite.  All the Hydrangeas in my garden are this colour.

Gorgeous mauve Cats Whiskers

This ginger was given to me by a friend and she said it was quite rare and that she didn't have a lot of success growing it.  It obviously loves our place because it has grown so much that we have to chop a lot out of the garden.

We placed this table and chairs under the Lychee tree and it is a lovely spot to sit if the mozzies don't carry you away!

The common Shell Ginger

At this time of the year the agapanthus keep on giving.

A close up of the flower of the Ivory Curl

We have the Ivory Curl Trees all the way along our driveway.  They are still young but when they are in bloom they will look sensational.

The garden at the front of the house needs constant caring.  We took a lot of larger plants out of this garden last year and I'm so pleased we did.  It now has more of a cottage garden feel to it.

Not much happening in the vegetable garden at the moment but the ginger and turmeric are prolific.

We have been working on training our Avocado tree into a more manageable shape and size by tying weights to the limbs to encourage them down.  Avocado trees tend to go straight up.

The "Lotsa Lemon" tree is laden with fruit.  

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