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Friday, 8 January 2016

Bedroom Styling

Looking over our bedrooms since we moved here nine years ago, there has been a distinct change in my taste.  The furniture that we brought to this house was all dark.  Our bedroom suite was a dark mahogany,  and the two spare rooms were also styled with items that were distinctly on the dark side.  Even the donna covers that I had on the bunks were black.  Now I have done a complete turn around and gone for a much lighter colour scheme, and I like it!
I spent most of this morning making beds and moving things around.  There is nothing like new furniture to get you motivated inside the house.  I started by taking everything out of the rooms (apart from the beds) and replacing items.  Some items didn't work with the new furniture like the persian rug.  It looked much better on the floor in the twin bedroom.  I also wandered around the lounge area and took items from here and placed in the bedrooms and took items from the bedroom that looked better in the lounge.   All the photographs and paintings also needed thoughtful placement.  Some just did not work at all.....mostly the ones in dark frames. It took all morning but I am happy with the changes.  The only thing I need to purchase now is a curtain for the queen bedroom.  At the moment I have an old Ken Done donna cover on the bed but I may change this, and if I do I will need to consider the curtains so this can wait.  I haven't changed anything in our bedroom.  I like it just the way it is.

The new copper bed and bedside table fit in this room much better than the king bed.  The bedside table is mirrored and I just love it.
A closer look at the bed and notice how the mirrored bedside table is reflecting the floor.
Nothing like a flower arrangement to add freshness to a room.
This bedroom is now very light and airy and the persian rug works so much better in this room.
I bought the oil painting of Venice and the lampshade secondhand for $30 for both.  Cheap!
My daughter in law gave me the framed print of mitchell grass and I think I've found the perfect spot for it. Attached a couple of flowers to the top right hand corner of the frame that is actually an old hopper window frame from the Caleewa house.
I continue to have a love affair with our bedroom.  The hand beaded cover and pillowcases that we purchased in Turkey have held up very well.  

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