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Friday, 22 January 2016

Happy Birthday.

Today is my darling husbands 60th birthday.  Quite a milestone and seems incredible that I have helped my hubby celebrate 39 of his 60 birthdays.  Whheeww.....that's a lot of birthdays and parties.  We are, of course, going "all out" in celebrating this birthday with not one but two birthday parties.  The first one will be tomorrow when we will have 15 friends, travelling from all over Australia, to help us celebrate in Cairns.  The next one will be a low key affair with a bbq lunch at home.  The reason we are having two parties is because of the variety of friends that we now have.  There are our long term friends from the west.  These are the friends that had kids the same age as our own. Our kids would have sleepovers at their place and vice-versa. Then we have the friends that Philip went to school with.  These men have a most remarkable bond from their boarding school days.  Who would have thought that they would all remain in close contact and also remain close friends.  Then we have the friends that we have made since we moved to Julatten.  Each and every one of our friends are extremely important to us and I sincerely hope that we have shown them how much we appreciate the friendship.
So getting back to Philips 60th birthday.  I am such a lucky person to have found my soul mate in marriage.  We have produced two gorgeous boys who we love with all our heart.  We have had our ups and down, sad and happy times, trials and tribulations.  But through it all our love has strengthened.  I love my husband with all my heart and I am so much looking forward to the next stage in our lives. xxxxx

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