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Monday, 26 October 2015


I don't often go with Philip when he musters but I wanted to check on the wild raspberry bush to see if it had any fruit.....sadly it didn't.  But I do enjoy the muster especially since we purchased the Polaris Ranger buggy.  The first cattle we moved were the cows and calves and of course Milly.  I haven't updated about our donkey but sadly she lost her foal a few months ago.  We don't know what happened but Milly keeps on keeping on, doing her job of protecting the calves.  She always waits to go through the gate last when we muster.  She hates being crowded.

Next mob to muster were the young bulls.  There are two age groups here 2013 and 2014.  Sadly with the ongoing drought in the west we haven't been able to take the bulls out to Caleewa.  If we have another failed wet season the older bulls will be going to the meat works next year.  
The sign of high fertility in a bull is his scrotum circumference size, and yes it is measured with a tape measure! This young bull would win all competitions. He has a very large scrotum!

On to move the last mob....the maidens.  Now there shouldn't be any calves in this mob but we have three!  Yes the bull got to them last year.....

This is a first calf heifer and would you look at the size of her udder.  The poor little calf could never drink all that milk.

As Philip opened the gate to put the cattle through, he just couldn't resist giving them a rub.  Our cattle are very quiet and so easy to move from one paddock to another.  They know Philip and I but they get testy when anybody else is around them.  

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