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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Cycas Revoluta - "Sago Palm"......

.....or Cycad for short!
When we put the pond in our garden in August 2009, apart from it being a beautiful feature, it gave me an area to plant the things that I always wanted to grow but never could when we lived at Julia Creek.  We planted tree ferns, orchids, lilies, iris, bromeliads.....just to name a few.  One of the last things we planted were three cycads.  Some people dislike their thorny leaves and lets face it, they do get big, so they are not for everyone.  But we had the area so into the garden they went.  We didn't really know how to look after them until we employed Trudi.  She showed us just how elegant they look when the old leaves are removed to allow for the new ones and why landscape gardeners love them.
Fast forward six years and this year one of the cycads has flowered.  We were not expecting this at all because any article you read says that you have to wait 15-20 years for a flower.  All I can say is that they must love where they live!

This is a male cyclad.

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