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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Juvenile Sunbirds

What I love the most about living where I live is that I can have a garden full of colourful flowers that will bring lots of birds to the garden.  It is spring and each morning I am woken by the chattering sounds of birds.  The fig tree is fruiting at present so that is bringing in flocks or all kinds of birds.  We even had a pair of king parrots visit us last week but as I didn't have my camera handy you will just have to believe me!
We have been watching daily two little sunbirds that were hatched just a few weeks ago.  They are so extraordinary quiet and not afraid of us at all.  From what others have told me they like being close to humans and indeed where they build their nests is always very close to the house.  They try so very hard to build their nests on the fly screens and it is heartbreaking to watch.  They fly in and place one tiny piece of grass into the screen and as they fly away to get another piece the one that they just put in flutters to the ground.  This goes on for days.  We are of course left with a pile of grass and leaves on the veranda floor.
The little sunbirds that I photographed were waiting for mum to feed them.  I waited patiently for this to happen but as is always, the way the minute I gave up, mum flew in and feed them!  I did however get a photo of one of the little birds after mum had feed him.  The insect was almost bigger then the bird.

It seems appropriate that the sprinkler head that these little ones were sitting on was a heart shape!

This little fella struggled trying to eat this insect.  

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  1. Squeeeee!!!!! How gorgeous! I feel very envious. Beautiful little birds and what a great capture Judi :)