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Friday, 23 October 2015

Going, going Gone!

Our vegetable garden is at the rear of our house and right beside the garden are three giant Alexander Palms.  The trees themselves are impressive but gradually their roots had been extending into our vegetable garden to the point that we couldn't use a quarter of the vegetable garden so the decision was made.  They had to go.
I always panic with these sort of jobs, all the time visualising what could go wrong so I was very pleased when Trudi arrived for gardening this morning and told Philip she would assist with taking the trees down.
It was actually a very easy job and I didn't give enough credit for my husbands chainsaw skills.  The trees fell exactly where he wanted them to fall.  He did tie a rope to the top of each tree and then attached the rope to the Polaris Ranger.  Trudi, driving the Ranger, then applied just enough tension to the rope to ensure that the trees did fall where they were supposed to.
I am very pleased with the result.  We are now going to transplant all the banana trees and take everything else out of the vegetable garden over the next few weeks so that we can work on bringing the soil back to lusciousness for our next vegetable planting in autumn.

The three large palms. Vegetable garden is to the left of the palms

One down two to go



Gone.  The sound that the tree made when it hit the ground was very scary!

And now we have a lovely clear view of Black Mountain

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