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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Grey Nomad Chapter Eight

Days 9 and 10 - Nuga Nuga National Park

On advice from our good friend Joan we booked into Nuga Nuga National Park for an overnight stay.  Nuga Nuga is in the Carnarvon region due east from Carnarvon Gorge.  To get there we re-traced our path back to Injune and about 20km out of Injune we took the Arcadia Valley Road.
Acadia Valley is prime grazing country but now, sadly, it seems to be overtaken with gas fields. We had never driven down this road before and found it a lovely drive.  The cattle we saw were fat and it was the first green grass we had seen.  In this area, frosts seems to wipe out most of the grasses in winter.
We had a slow trip to Nuga Nuga stopping regularly for photo shots and meal/snack breaks.  In hindsight we should probably have given ourselves a bit more time (or hurried a bit more) because we didn't reach Nuga Nuga until 5.00pm.  The whole point of coming here was to photograph the amazing sunsets.  Fortunately we did arrive in time....just...
Finding a campsite was a bit hard. We didn't really expect anyone to be there but there were four other campers set-up for the night.  The place where I would have liked to have set up camp to photograph both sunrise and sunset was taken but the site we chose did give us a remarkable sunset.
We sat outside for hours watching as the sun slowly sank and night slowly filled the sky with a most glorious milky way. I set up the camera on the tripod and was not disappointed in the photos that I took.
The next morning we awoke to wind and cold.....really cold......almost frost cold.  I wanted to get a couple of sunrise photos but I quickly rushed back to the warmth of our little camper.  We had a leisurely breakfast and were packed and ready to leave by 8am.  We did a bit of a drive around Lake Nuga Nuga, stopping to take photos of the remarkable lake and the wildlife.  This is definitely a place we want to return to.

One of the lookouts on the Arcadia Valley Road.  The sandstone range in the background is stunning

We had some visitors come to say g'day as we set up camp!

We made our way up the hill behind our camp to get a birds eye view of the sunset.

The sun slowly sinking

The sunset colours are glorious


Sunrise with the Carnarvon Gorge in the background

The lake was very low and the waterline on the trees is very clear.

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