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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Grey Nomad Chapter Five

Day 5 - Carnarvon - Roma

We had decided the night before to do one more short walk before we left our friends and headed in different directions.  We had not yet been into Mickey Gorge and it apparently was worth visiting. We woke early and packed the camper.  It took us about an hour to pack everything away into the camper but by the end of our trip we could pack in 30 minutes!  I don't think that I mentioned that there is no camping at the entrance to the National Park except for school holidays.  Even then you require a permit and there are no facilities. The drive from were we were staying at Takarakka to the park entrance is about 5 kilometres.  A bit too far to walk so we drove there each day.
The walk into Mickey Gorge was pleasant and we passed through some lovely rainforest.  We were forever on the look out for orchids and because this walk was short we really stopped and looked and actually found quite a few, but none flowering.  The towering sandstone cliffs were absolutely amazing here and I just loved the colours.  Mickey Gorge is really lovely with lots of tree ferns and a babbling brook running through the narrow gorge.
After the walk we sadly said goodbye to our friends and the Carnarvons.  It was time to once more head south to Roma where we would catch up with our friends for the wedding. As we drove away from the Gorge there was a sign saying "Carnarvon Gorge....easy on the soul.....hard on the feet!" So true.

Just love the colours in this towering sandstone wall

The kangaroos were extremely quiet

My husband the photographer....who would have thought!

Goodbye Takarakka Bush Resort

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