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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Goshen and Herbert River Falls

Sitting around the campfire last night we made plans for today.  Some wanted to go fishing and some wanted to go bushwalking.  We did the latter.  Our day started early with a hearty feed of sausages and eggs washed down with a lovely cup of strong coffee.  We packed a "picnic lunch" with no idea where we might be eating it.  We had a rough idea to go into each of the Goshen campsites to see what they offered and then head over to the Herbert River Falls that are also on Goshen Station.
We got away by 8am and made our way in and out of the various campsites.  They all had different appeals.  One was good for launching a boat whereas the next would be great for canoeing.  Another you could walk quite a distance along the riverbank the next you would be confined to the campsite. 
Our second choice for campsite

Can you spot the croc? (Bottom middle)

They are all lovely but we picked our favourite as being "Kucha".  One of the "Survivor" series was filmed here at Goshen several years ago and I understand one of the "tribes" was called Kucha hence the name of the campsite.



Goshen Station is a working cattle station and while we were visiting one of the campsites a chopper was mustering some strays out of the heavy scrub.  We were, apparently, in his way and he did let us know in no uncertain terms.  We do wish that the owners had said to us to keep away from this particular area that they were mustering!

After we had visited twelve of the fifteen campsites, we made our way to the Herbert River Falls.  We were astounded at the number of kangaroos and how very quiet they were.  I guess because of the number of vehicles travelling around each and every day.  

We also came across a colony of flying foxes and were very pleased that the colony was quite a distance from our camp.

We reached the Herbert River Falls in time for a late lunch and then started our trek around the gorge.  The falls, what little you can see of them without risking your life, are spectacular but there is no way of seeing them properly unless you where in a helicopter.  Philip and Joan did try and get to the edge of them but the sheer height frightened both of them.  
The gorge is so deep that I had a giddy spell.  The GPS said 512 metres and it is everyone of them I can assure you.  It reminds me of photos that I have seen of the Grand Canyon!  

Looking to the top of the falls

I had to hold onto a tree and learn out across the gorge to get this photo so please appreciate the effort!

Another view of the falls that tumble 100's of metres.  Its very hard to photograph depth.

The size of the trees at the top of the gorge give you some idea of the depth - over 500 metres

After we had a good look around the falls we jumped back into the car and decided to take another track that we had seen earlier.  Our camping companions were at this spot trying to catch black bream but unfortunately the fish weren't biting.
Can you spot Joan and Philip? They blend in very well.

The clouds had been threatening rain all day so we decided it was time to head back to the camp.  We had been driving/bushwalking for 8 hours and we were all a bit tired but it was so worth the effort.

Some photos of our camp.

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