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Sunday, 18 October 2015

1st Anniversary

On the 5th of September.....Kurt's Birthday.......we had owned our HSV Senator Signature exactly one year.  Imagine our surprise when we received a card in our mailbox telling us we had a parcel to collect from Mt. Molloy.  That in itself is strange because all our mail goes to our post box in Port Douglas.  We didn't get across to collect the parcel until last week and would you look at what it was!

A fantastic travel kit - Picnic rug, Thermos and LED Torch!  Just what we wanted and needed for the Camper!  
Once you own a HSV - Holden Special Vehicle - you apparently become a VSP - very special person.  This is the second gift we have received.  The first was this when we purchased the Senator.
Really, they need not send us any gifts because we are well and truly sold on this vehicle.  It is far and away the best vehicle we have ever owned and compared to a european car with the same specifications it is one of the cheapest.  
We have put the Senator through its paces in the last year and God knows why we still have our licences, but that big V8 engine just rumbles and makes you want to plant the foot!
However, we have that out of our system so now we just take in the beautiful drive and ride of the car.  Pure luxury.  Thank you Holden for keeping the HSV in production.  The HSV factory in Victoria will shortly be the only car factory left in Australia.

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