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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Grey Nomad Chapter Four

Day Four - Moss Garden, Carnarvon Gorge.

The only thing that we didn't get to visit on our first day at the gorge was the Moss Garden so we set off early and once again made our way into the gorge.  It is a 4.5km walk (one way) to the track into the Moss Gardens and then another 2km (one way) into the site.  Let me tell you it was worth every aching bone in my body to walk the distance.  It was magnificent and deserves the title of the most popular site.  It was quite a warm day once again but as we made our way into the Moss Garden we could feel the temperature slowly drop.  It was so lovely after the hot sun to be entering this cool area.
The moss garden is aptly named.  Moisture seeps through the sandstone walls of the gorge and with this moisture comes the moss.  It really is a lovely spot. We noticed that the railings along the walk into the gorge had a layer of sandstone dust.  This could only mean that the sandstone gorge is slowly shedding!
 The guides told us that the gorge is forever changing.  Each wet season, with heavy rain, a new gorge is carved out and some of the old sandstone walls simply let go and tumble into the gorge below.  I don't think I would like to be walking about in the wet season.

One of the giants of the forest

The knots on this tree were incredible

Our first glimpse of the Moss Garden.  The rails here had a sandstone dust layer.

The moss hangs off the sandstone walls 

A most beautiful tranquil spot.....Moss Garden

Taken along the path into the Moss Garden

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