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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Blue Worms and Blue Snakes

You might remember my last post about the elusive blue worm.  Here are some photos courtesy of our tour guide - Paul Curtis.

I showed DH the photos of this worm and it has also fascinated him.

We have a garden waste pile in a corner of one of our paddocks, a place where all our garden trimmings are stacked.  DH turns it over every couple of months and the mulch is very beneficial to my garden.  Today DH was turning it over with the tractor when he came across what he thought was the blue worm.  He called me and I quickly collected my camera for some photos.  It was a sort of blue colour but it soon became apparent that it had scales, and eyes, and a forked tongue!  Yes....it was a snake.  We realised this after we had picked it up and put it in a container for photographing!  A quick google search revealed that it was a Slaty Snake.  They are non-venomous but are very aggressive.  This little chap was only just out of the egg as he still had part of it attached to the end of his body.  Here are some photos:

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  1. Hi Judy. Your photos are of a Blind snake (Typhlopidae). Cheers.