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Thursday, 21 February 2013

My new toy

We are going to Europe in just over three weeks.  I've had a bit of a dilemma about my Canon 7D.  I bought the 7D in August last year and haven't really taken it on any "big" holidays.  The 7D with the 18-200mm lens attached weighs in at a 1593 grams.  One and a half kilos to lug around plus the tripod that I always carry, I'm looking at some very sore shoulders!   DH helps out a lot and often carries my gear for me but at the end of the day I have to be the one to take responsibility.  So I've been thinking about a point and shoot.  There are quite a few good ones out there but after a lot of research I narrowed it down to the Canon G15 or the Sony RX100.  Both these cameras have had some great reviews.  So I took myself down to Cairns to my local camera store and meet a great salesman by the name of Mark (must be the name).  He was so helpful and didn't mind that I spent almost an hour in the shop.  I finally decided on the G15 and was just about to complete the sale when my eyes fell on the Olympus OM-D-EM5.

I had been reading quite a bit about the mirrorless hybrids and I asked Mark if I could look at it.  I fell in love.  It felt like a little bit of magic in my hands.  Not only does it give me all the control I want and need but it is as light as a feather.  It comes with an electronic viewfinder (EVF) but I found the screen very easy to use also.
Tiny but useful!
With the body and three! lenses it weighs in at just 876 grams - almost half the weight of the 7D.  It came with two kit lenses, a 14-42mm (3.5) and a 40-150mm (4).  I purchased an additional 17mm (2.8) because I wanted to be able to shoot in low light without the need of a flash although this little baby also comes with it's own detachable flash.

The whole camera (including lenses) are moistureproof,  that is a big factor where I live.
It will never take the place of my 7D....I love that camera with a passion.....but the Olympus will certainly be a great second camera.  I'm going to save up and purchase the 75-300mm (due for release next month) and maybe the macro, oh yeah, and some of the primes and a battery pack............and the list could just go on and on but I will try and control myself!

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