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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Kuramar in black and white

I'm still testing the Olympus OMD EM5.  I want to use it as much as possible before we go on holidays so that I am very familiar will all the settings. Modern day cameras have so many more settings than the old SLR's.  I still prefer manual settings but I did a few tests today with the landscape setting.

The Magpie Geese don't have a chance with Lily - she hates birds and chases any she sees
Seeing how good close up can get on a grass flower


  1. Hey Judi,
    great to hear from you! You have a new toy I see. Photos look great. Love black and white. Looks nice and sharp too. I am saving the money I get from my phototech articles to put towards a new Canon. Don't know which one yet, but i am well over due for a newbie! HAVE YOU BEEN TO ANY RETREATS OR WORKSHOPS LATELY? I've been scrapping and crafting up a storm. Must be renewed enthusiasm since starting my new job. Kaszazz have got some awesome new products out too which have inspired me. Take care x

  2. Great shots Judi. My favourites are of teh cattle around the trough and of Hudson and Lilly. My photography group challenge this month is B&W!!!! You should post some in Flickr- I will try and get the others to post some there too!