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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Cream Buns

I am very partial to a cream bun.
I don't have them everyday.  They are a treat.  I would probably average one every couple of months.  Imagine my surprise when I went in to Brumbys in Port Douglas to buy one of these lovely treats and received a "lecture" from the shop assistant about the amount of sugar/calories/kilojoules/carbs in each one.  I felt very humiliated.  I almost walked out but I retained my composure and went ahead with the purchase. .....after all....it was my TREAT!   This is not the first time that this has happened. When we were on holidays in Tasmania I went in to a bakery and asked for a cream bun and the shop assistant also gave me that "leper look" and replied "no ma'am, people are becoming more health conscience so we do not sell them".  More humiliation.   For goodness sake what is wrong with the world when we can't eat what we want - of course, in moderation.  As we walked out of Brumby's I asked DH if I "looked" like the sort of person that eats a lot of cream buns.  He replied that I don't and that is why I love the man!
I looked up some nutritional information on the humble cream bun. I know, it is certainly not "health food" but here are some facts.
Cream Bun with cream and Jam - 304 calories
Penne Pasta with Tomato and Basil Sauce - 270 calories
Thai Curry - 428 calories
Thai Stir-Fry - 310 calories
New York Style Cheesecake (79g) - 300 calories

Each day I burn 1650 calories (according to an online calculator) so I don't think that one cream bun every couple of months is really going to matter - or does it?

BTW:  Thank you to our dear friends K & M who brought us these cream buns so that I could photograph them.  We had a lovely morning with you guys and, yes, we both ate one after you left and put two in the freezer (that took a lot of will power!)

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