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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Douglas Photographic Society Inc.

The new year has seen lots of changes for our photography group.  We have broken away from our parent - DAB (Douglas Arts Base) - and are taking steps to become a branch of the Cairns Photographic Society.  As far as I'm concerned its a win for all.  We have our own "space"at Wonga Beach, that has been generously donated by one of our supporters and we are all excited at the prospect of having our photography on display 24/7.
Today was our first official meeting that was very well attended by twenty keen photographers.  Today our theme challenge was "Rain" and would you believe, I didn't get a single photo when it was raining cats and dogs!  Anyway, I submitted a photo that I took late last year and got a commendation for it.

I also received a commendation for this photo of fireworks that I took on New Years Eve.  Fireworks are so difficult to photograph and I took over a hundred photos to get just a handful of useful photos!

After lunch we headed over to one of our photographers garden.  It was amazing.  They are lovers of orchids and have so many varieties. Here are a sample.

And of course every tropical garden has to have a Bird of Paradise!

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