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Friday, 3 July 2015

The healing powers of Yoga

I've always thought that yoga practise was beneficial to the body and when we lived out west, not having any classes nearby, I purchased a yoga video.  I tried very hard to follow the instructor but actually did myself more harm than good by trying to watch the TV AND manipulate my body into the correct pose! The video eventually got gobbled up by the old VHS player (remember that!) and I was secretly relieved!
So when we moved to Julatten I was pleased to see that there was a yoga class each Thursday at our local community hall. I am a shy person and found it a little intimidating to front up to that first class not knowing a single person, but to my relief, everyone was so welcoming!
So,  I have been practising Yoga ever since....more than 8 years!  I really enjoy it and try very hard to get to practise twice a week but life gets in the way sometimes so I probably only average once a week...."sigh"... but I really love every single practise.
Yesterday I hurt my back.....really hurt my back....to the point that I could hardly straighten.  I did a stupid thing and lifted a box without bending and holding in the tummy muscles.  I spent most of yesterday on my back.
Today is yoga day.  My back was still really hurting but I decided to go along to the yoga class anyway.  When I arrived I talked to my instructor about the problem back and she advised to just do what I could and rest if there was any pain.
We always start our Hatha Yoga practise very gently with lots of stretches before we get into the stronger poses.  Today we started with some gentle spinal twists.  Three in all.  The first twist is with knees bent, feet hip distance apart, and twisting from side to side with shoulders firmly on the floor, the second is with knees to chest, twisting from side to side with shoulders firmly on the floor and the third is a full body twist with knees to the side, shoulders to the floor.  As I relaxed into the third twist I felt a click in my spinal area.  My first thought was, "Oh my goodness, what have I done", but as I came out of the pose I realised that my back was miraculously back in alignment.....NO MORE PAIN!
Years ago I used to go to a chiropractor to "re-align" my back.  I always felt pretty good afterwards but now, years later, I remember that what he used to get me to do, was exactly what I had done today in my yoga practise.  How ironic.
Yoga is a beautiful practise.  I always leave my class feeling about six inches taller and I love it.

I will remember this stretch forever and a day......

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