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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Winter Cattle Work

Philip has just arrived back from Julia Creek after being out there for the last week or so helping Marco with a few jobs including a full stock muster and count.  That is not as big a job as you would think as our stock numbers have sadly dwindled with the ongoing drought.  It was cold out west, as cold as it gets.  The temperature got down as low as one degree but with the wind chill factor it is probably equivalent to minus five!  The atmosphere at this time of the year is also extremely dry so hubby has come home with very dry, cracked skin.  Poor body needs a bit of love and moisturiser!
I was looking through my image vault today and came across these photos that I took a few years back....2010.  It was winter and it was very cold, not unlike this year.  The good news is that the wet season of 2011 was excellent so maybe 2016 will bring us all a good wet season. Fingers crossed.  A lot of the locals say that you need a cold winter to bring a good wet summer.
These photos were taken at the "Caleewa" yards before Marco rebuilt them.

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