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Saturday, 4 July 2015

July Photo Club

Our photo club meetings come around so fast or maybe it is just that our lives are so busy.  It is, once again, the first Saturday of the month and also once again it is a mad frantic rush to get photos ready for the monthly challenge.
This months main challenge is "I Love.....".  When I saw this challenge I immediately thought of liquorice all sorts.  I love them and they would make a great photo but of course I did not have any in the pantry.  (I love them too much to keep any on hand!) So, the only thing left to do was go to my photo library to search through my photos.  I have almost 30,000 images in my library so it is not a quick job but I did have a photo in mind.  The other three photo challenges were "Food", "Furry Animals" and "Old People".

These are my submissions.

"I Love....."  dinner for two in a romantic setting

"Old People" - photo taken in Peru

"Furry Animals" - photo taken on Sun Island, Bolivia

"Food" - Paleo Chocolate Mousse

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