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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Laura Campdraft, Races and Rodeo

Last year our friends from Mossman were telling us about their trip to Laura for the annual camp draft, rodeo and races.  They loved it and we all decided that we would go in 2015.
For those that don't know where Laura is, it is about a three hour drive from our place at Julatten.  Laura is a small town with a population of about 120 and is north of Lakeland in Cook Shire, North Queensland.  It is on the only road north towards the tip of Cape York Peninsular and is the centre for the largest collection of prehistoric rock art in the world.
In order for us to get the best camp spot, our friends drove to Laura on Thursday and we did without a doubt, get the best spot.  We had a huge mango tree on one side of us that gave us beautiful shade in the afternoon and we were camped right on the race track, well,  as close as we were allowed which was about five metres from the rail!  We did have a rowdy young mob camp to the other side of us and the police were called to them Friday night at about 1pm to ask them to turn off the music but other than that the camp was perfect.  The rowdy young mob turned out to be from Mossman and one of them did come and apologise to us for the noise.  Saturday night they were as quiet as lambs!
Friday and Saturday morning is the camp draft and barrel races and Saturday afternoon is the races.  Saturday night sees the bull ride under lights and then all day Sunday is the Rodeo.
We enjoyed the weekend very much and will be back in 2016 although next year we will arrive on Wednesday and leave on Monday morning.   We both love the rodeo and it was a shame to only see half of it on Sunday.
Some photos:

The "Tardis" 

Our lunch stop was at the entrance to somebody's property.  We had a chuckle at the sign beside the tree.  Really?  Do people really use his gateway for their toilet stop?

Laura Campdraft

Our camp.  Just visible on the right is the branch of a giant mango tree.

Campsites are all along the racetrack where campers gather to watch the races if you don't feel like getting glammed up!


And at the end of the day......nothing better than a campfire to tell yarns around

Bull ride action

Saddle Bronc 

Young fellow cheering his mates

Well that's one way to dismount from a bucking bronc!

And there is always the inevitable cowboy that gets his hand caught in the bull ride as he comes off.

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