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Saturday, 25 July 2015

An early start to the day

Philip gets up quite early (5am) on Saturday mornings to go for a bike ride with his Port Douglas Cycling group.  He tries to be very quiet (and he is) but I just sense the movement in the bedroom and inevitably I wake up.  I try very hard to go back to sleep but this morning I just gave in to the wakefulness.  I am pleased that I did because it was a glorious morning.  The fog had rolled into the valleys for a short period of time so I quickly grabbed my camera to get a quick couple of photos.  By the time I got dressed and ready for my morning walk the fog had lifted and I was greeted to a beautifully crisp winters day. While I was donning my joggers I took some photos of the sun shining through the trees next to the cattle yards, and I quite liked the effect. 

When I arrived home after my walk I went straight to the garden to pick some flowers to adorn the house.  The winter garden is somewhat bare of colour but the roses are spectacular.  I thank God everyday that I live in the tropics where I can grown roses all year round!

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