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Monday, 13 July 2015

Josephine Falls

Tropical North Queensland would have to be one of the most beautiful places in the world if not THE most beautiful.  We are fairly well travelled and in all our travels we have never come across a place quite like it. The tropics have it all. On Saturday I went for a drive to Josephine Falls that is just south of Mirrawinni.  My daughter in law had spread her fathers ashes around a tree at the base of the falls and as it was the anniversary of his passing she wanted to revisit his resting place.  I tagged along.  
We all meet at 11am and made the short uphill walk into the falls.  There were a lot of young tourists swimming in the rock pools and we all agreed that they must be from a very cold climate because the water would have been chilly!
We stayed for about an hour and a half, taking photos, watching the antics of the young and simply taking in the magical tranquility.  The falls had a lot more water falling over them compared to my last visit but there has been a lot of rain in the catchment area in the past week.  
We decided to have lunch at Fishery Falls Hotel on our way home.  It was a delicious meal and very cheap.  I had the crumbed steak, chips, gravy and salad all for $10!  I highly recommend it.
It was a lovely day and all the better for spending it with family.

Josephine Falls from the second lookout

Marco and Suzie found a good spot for photography

The falls from the top lookout

A young adventure tour group enjoying the rock pool and vine "swing"

Can't pass by without taking a photo of the different fungi.

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