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Thursday, 16 July 2015

It's Show Time!

I have been living here for almost nine years but I have never been to the Cairns Show.  That changed this week when my friend rang to see if I wanted to go with her.  I jumped at the opportunity.  We have the same likes so I knew that I was going to enjoy it.  Not everyone wants to wander through the various pavillions to look at the exhibits but it is what I enjoy the most about a show.  We started off nice and early on the first day of the three day show.  It was a good move as there were not a lot of people and we were able to move around freely.  The first place we visited was the Cat, Dog and Guinea Pig building. The day we visited it was the cat display.  They are so beautiful and I really would love to have a cat again but we just don't need the responsibility at this stage in our lives.  The next stop was the commercial pavillion where businesses set up there stands.  It was huge and we had a great time entering our names in all the giveaway competitions......will let you know if we win anything!  After that it was on to the flower, fruit and vegetable hall.  The flowers were just gorgeous and gave me lots of great ideas for the garden.  The fruit and vegetable section was well subscribed and I am once again in awe of the wonderful produce that can be grown in our area.  The final exhibitions we visited before lunch were the photography and art.  Such talent!
Lunch was always going to be "show food" so we munched our way through dagwood dogs and chips.  Mmmmmm!  We both looked a real sight with tomato sauce from one end of our face to the other but boy they were good!
During lunch we realised that we had not seen the craft, cake, jam and relish exhibits that turned out to be just under where we were sitting in the grandstand so after lunch we headed there. It was great and apart from the fantastic exhibits there were lots of talented ladies demonstrating their crafts.
Our last thing to do was visit the farm animals display where the children are allowed to get in amongst the little animals.  They were so cute.  We watched the duckling slippery slide and thought how much fun the little ducklings appeared to be having until we realised that they didn't really intend slipping down the slide into the pond. There were enticed to get some feed from a tray at the top of the slide that was just out of reach meaning that they really did "slip" down the slide.  Poor little things....
We finally started making our way back to the exit gate via the "Heritage Walk" where we tasted damper the was cooked over a fire in a camp oven.  It was the best damper I had ever tasted.  The lady that served it said the secret ingredient was powdered milk.
I had a great time and will go again next year with hubby who I'm sure will love it also.

Miss Show Girl 2015

A colourful display at the entrance to the show

A glorious day to sit in the grandstand and take in the view

Just a few of the jams and relishes!

Cake decorating demonstration

Its hard to believe that these flowers are not real.

I loved the lacework demonstration.

The duckling slippery slide

Heritage Walk

Camp Oven Damper is delicious!

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