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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Vases of Flowers

Anyone that knows me well also knows that I love flowers.  I have filled our garden beds with as much colour and scent as I can manage.  But the best part of having flowers growing in the garden is that you can bring them inside and they instantly brighten up a corner in a room.  I have a little vase of flowers sitting on the bedside table in our bedroom at all times.  This week the vase holds roses, some variegated hibiscus and a pretty little white feathery flower whose name I can't recall.
A vase of colour in the bedroom

The predominant colours in the garden are all the shades of purple.  When I was about six years old I was a flower-girl for my godmother and I wore the most beautiful lilac dress.  From that time on I have loved the colour.
And little vases of pentas on the shelf in the guest bathroom

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  1. if it ever rains, I must get some punnets of pentas and put them in everywhere, they make SUCH good cut flowers, seem to last forever! I may even have one laying dormant or hidden in the undergrowth still, but anything a bit water loving has died out of late (even though I have been constantly watering, the hot dry year has taken its toll!)