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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Australia Day!

I can't remember celebrating Australia Day when I was young....perhaps we did...I just can't remember, but certainly Australians are becoming more patriotic and Australia Day is now celebrated robustly.
When we lived in "the bush" Australia Day was spent at the local waterhole for a day of water ski-ing with our friends.  They were great days where we swam, skied and dare I say, drank and ate too much and most usually ended up back at our place for an impromptu BBQ.  Ahhh!  Those were the days!
Today we spent a quiet day at home and after lunch we decided to head to Port for a swim, or should I say, hubby swam and I watched.  We go to the Sheraton Mirage Country Club for our swim.  It costs  us next to nothing and we usually have the place to ourselves!  Win!  Apart from that it is also a lovely place to be on a hot summers day.
Happy Australia Day everyone!
The entrance to the lap pool

Hubby doin' his laps

At lap 79 it looks like he is saying "please God let this be the last"!

I was content to lay back on the lounge and let hubby do all the hard work!

We had the place to ourselves…..

….as is usual!

The foyer of the country club….yess….all marble…..Pixie Skase really knew how to do it!

And the entrance to the Club…yesss. marble pillars

All the golf buggies hooked up to their batteries for overnight charge.

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