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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Thank you Nigel Slater…..

….for giving me the inspiration for last nights dinner.
Hubby bought me Nigel Slaters Kitchen Diaries II for christmas and I have devoured the book, from cover to cover.  In fact it has even been the book I have taken to bed with me.  I love his recipes and simple way of cooking with not too many ingredients and always seasonal.  The fact that the whole book is set out as a diary is also great because even though he is a Brit and his seasons are opposite to ours it is easy to adapt.
Last night called for something light for dinner and Nigel's "lifesaving soup" was just the thing!  Here is what Nigel writes:

"When there is too much going on, I have a fast, fail-safe soup that seems to make life manageable once more.
I put a couple of lightly heaped tablespoons of white miso paste (I used the instant miso soup sachets that you can pick up at the supermarket) into a saucepan with 500ml vegetable stock (mine was home-made from the freezer).  Over a moderate heat, I whisk in a good teaspoon of Vietnamese chilli paste (I used home-made sambal olek) and bring it to the boil.  Just as it approaches, I slide in a large handful of broccoli florets, thinly sliced with their stalks (I didn't have broccoli so I used asparagus that was approaching its end of life) then about 250g salmon, cut into chunks, and a handful of prawns from the freezer (I didn't have any).  I finish the dish with a few spring onions, thinly sliced, a handful of coriander and basil leaves and a squeeze of lime juice.  It works out at a couple of quid a bowl, and serves two."

This soup was delicious and took about five minutes of prep and less than five minutes to cook.

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