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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The next part of our journey.

We drove further up the mountain after our walk into the falls to a place where there was a hut erected that would serve us fine for lunch.  But wouldn't you know it, someone had parked a vehicle in the hut!    We were quite put out but found a shady spot where we quickly laid out tables and chairs.
After a refreshing cup of tea and snack our leader said that she would like to take us to an escarpment not far from where we were.  She said it was one of her favourite places and would take our breath away with its beauty.  We were excited.
My legs, however, were not as excited.  Once I had sat down it was extremely hard to move again, but I perserved and ain't I glad I did!
This walk was not far at all and was all on quite even ground.  Our walk into the escarpment took us past a giant golden bower bird nest that was intriguingly magnificent.  How clever are these birds.  We walked lightly between ground orchids, trying not to damage them.  We came across beautiful red native rhodendrens that will be magnificent when it rains and finally, as we stepped out onto a rocky moss covered ledge the world opened out before us!  It simply took our breath away.  It is one of those moments when you thank god you are alive.  I can't tell you how high we were, somewhere around the 1500m mark, but high enough to think that you were on top of the world!
I imagine the ledge we were standing on would be very slippery once it rains as the moss would be like glass and indeed we remembered the story about one of our photography group members dropping his camera over this ledge and then in an effort to grab it, slipped down the ledge.  The ground orchids growing a little way down where the only things that broke his fall and stopped him tumbling to his death.  Sobering.
We made our way back to our vehicles and started the drive back down the mountain.  It was mid afternoon so our leader called for one more stop along the way at what she called Ferny Creek.  The perfect spot for an afternoon refreshment.  This place was, once again, serenely beautiful. A little creek flowing gently over and between moss and fern covered rocks.  Our leader said that she often came to this place early in the morning and placed her chair in the small clearing and watched as all the inquisitive little birds started digging around in the under growth.  We will certainly go back there one morning to enjoy breakfast with the birds.
Our leader pointing out the bower bird nest

A close up of the nest.  These birds are remarkable.

View from the escarpment

Ground Orchids abound

So do the native rhododendrons

The path into the escarpment was well worn and marked.

Aptly named Ferny Creek

Ferny Creek looking towards the road (Philip is sitting on the bridge)

Entrance to the path that took us to the escarpment

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