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Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Riot of colour in the Garden

This ginger pops up out of the ground once it rains.  It has a very delicate showy flower.
The garden is looking splendid after all the rain we have had recently.  Many of the plants in my garden  are simply green foliage until the first rain falls.  The agapanthas and day lilies have been flowering now for about six weeks.  They will probably stop flowering for a little while and then will send up another flush late summer.  In the meantime the Tuber Rose and Spider Lillies are just beginning to open.   My gardener came to me very excited this week to tell me that one of the gingers is flowering.  It seems to only flower every couple of years.  We don't know the name of it but we think it is quite rare.  It's spray of yellow flowers is stunning. So let's take a walk through the garden.

A rare and very beautiful flower

The Cyanea or Air Plant has thrown out this vibrant pink flower

The ground covers with their lovely little red flower

The aptly named Butterfly Bush

The garden at the front of the house is in full bloom

The potted vincas along the verandah were a wise choice as they are very hardy and flower almost year -round

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  1. I love your description "a riot of colour" and it all looks absolutely spectacular Judi. I want to come visit again!