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Monday, 19 August 2013

Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas

Breakfast with the Birds
The Douglas Photographic Society had an outing to the Habitat on Saturday.  We received a locals rate to have breakfast with the birds and then unlimited photographic opportunities within the Wildlife Habitat.
The Habitat is set out in three zones.....Wetlands, Rainforest, and Grasslands.....and each area depicts the animals and birds that you would find in these areas in the wild.
This was the third time that we had visited the Habitat.  It is one of our favourite spots.  It would be quite easy to spend the whole day there and many do. If you are in the area I highly recommend it.
Tawny Frogmouths

Black Necked Jabiru (also known as Stork)  nesting on two eggs.

Such beautiful colours!

Remarkable camouflage.  Hard to tell the crocs head from the rock behind him.

Who wouldn't love the Koalas

Don't call them a bear however, as you will soon be told that they are not bears!

DH and I love ducks.  These were so cute to watch.  One minute they were all looking forward and the next.......

.........it was like someone said "Look Right!"  They moved in unison. First to the right and then back to the left.


  1. What a great little spot! Some nice shots there .. the Jabiru and the Tawnies my favourites out of these :)

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