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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Best friends

What defines a best friend?  We have lots of friends, some going back many years and some that we have only known for a short period of time.  A best friend, in my mind, is someone that you enjoy being with.  It is also the person that if you don't see for awhile you simply pick up where you left off.  It is the people that we dined with last night.

Of course I'm talking about you.....Linda....Tony......Kate......Mike!

We haven't caught up with each other for ages!  Linda not since her birthday last year.  Read about it here.  Tony since Tufi ...and Kate and Mike a couple of months ago.  This year has been crazy busy and we have not had a lot of time to catch up with friends but we swear we are going to make the time because it is just so great to have a night out with friends.

Linda and Tony have a beautiful home on the water at Trinity Park in Cairns.  They invited us down for a BBQ (a bit of an understatement) and it was very easy to accept the invitation.  What a great night to catch up with best friends.

View to the left from the house

View to the right from the house

A beautiful liveable home

Mike cooking up a storm.  He's telling me to hurry up and take the photo coz his face is burning!

The food laden table

A closer look at dinner!

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