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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Port Douglas Yacht Club

Port Douglas is so very busy at the moment which is great for the retail, hospitality and accommodation businesses.  God knows they certainly need it.  Port Douglas was hit hard by the GFC, as were most places reliant on the tourist trade.
I do my grocery shopping in Port Douglas and most times we incorporate lunch at one of the local restaurants.  There are many to choose from but this week we tried the Port Douglas Yacht Club.  It's a little bit out of the way and therefore quieter than other restaurants, but it's situation beats hands down most other restaurants.  It is right on the inlet and the view to the right was this.....

I never moved from my seat to take this photo.

and to the left was this view.....

or moved for this one!

The clubhouse is airy, comfortable and certainly child-friendly.  A very important issue for a lot of families.  The menu is "pub grub"  but at an excellent price.  DH had a seafood basket and I had a chicken parmy for a little over $30! 

The Port Douglas Yacht Club is certainly worth a visit but a few years ago I might not have said so because (below) this was the original PD Yacht Clubhouse.................

The "Original" Port Douglas Yacht Clubhouse

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