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Wednesday, 7 August 2013


I have been in Townsville for the last couple of days on a business trip.  DIL and I have upgraded our accounting software and have had private tutoring to bring us up to speed with the new programme.  It is an exciting new programme that will undoubtably be a powerful tool for our business.
Each morning I have been taking an early morning walk along the beautiful Townsville Strand.  I'm amazed at the number of people that walk/run the 2.2km from the Tobruk Pool to the Rock pool.  My accommodation was about halfway along the Strand so one morning I walked to the Rock Pool and the next morning I took the longer walk to the Entertainment Centre.
I took my camera (the little Olympus OMD EM5) and snapped a few photos of the sunrise.  Unfortunately the sunrises where not "glorious" but still pretty.  I found the Marina area easy to photograph with all its lovely reflections.

I will be leaving Townsville tomorrow after a quick trip to say hello to our Accountant and I am not relishing the drive home.  There are so very many road work stops along the way and because of the amount of caravans on the road, the trip down took me nearly an hour longer than usual.  Ah well.  Patience is a virtue.

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